Personal injury law in Tennessee consists of a multitude of categories, and therefore ways to get recompense for negligence, automobile accidents, accidents at work, accidents and injuries playing sports, inappropriate use of tools… The list goes on.

There are almost as many ways to seek recompense as there are ways to get personally injured, including finding a lawyer, seeking help from a workers’ compensation Insurance, and more

Personal injury in Tennessee is also effected in many ways.

Accidents at work are usually handled by Workers’ Compensation claims. Worker’s compensation is now more than it used to be. Radical changes were forced by labor unions and the scope of the coverage was made much broader. The law also helps employers avoid being sued all the time and facing huge payouts. But caution is advised. Accepting a workers compensation that claim strips a claimant of the right to sue the employer.

The most common way to get injured is in an auto accident. The mechanism here is the auto insurance. Auto insurance is compulsory in the United States. Driving without it can place a driver in extreme peril of losing the license. In some states it can lead to jail. All insurances carry PLPD clauses (personal liability, personal damage). The figures in these clauses represent the total liability a driver has to pay, and the amount per claimant. Sometimes the total of all the claims exceeds the total insured and the claimants may go after the driver himself. In any case it is on a first come, first served” basis and the earlier a claim is file the more likely it is that it will get paid so far.

There are some very different claims for personal injury that sometimes it seems ludicrous. It is difficult to buy a step ladder in some states because there is not enough space to write all the disclaimers that insurance companies require.

Ice skating ink rinks have a similar problem.

Dustin Hoffman once made a personal injury claim in Nashville after getting a static shock in a hotel room. He was awarded $10000.

We come to the vexed question of lawyers and costs. Most states have the codes of practice for lawyers. Nashville personal injury attorneys face more criticism than any other branch of the profession in Tennessee. The most vilification is heaped upon so-called “ambulance chasers”. These people hound a victim into litigation. Their most common mode of payment is a large slice of the settlement. This sometimes results in very exorbitant fees.

Among more outrageous claims and payouts are for placing an “attractive nuisance”. Among these are thieves injuring themselves whilst trying to steal TV equipment from roofs there in. Then there was the shopkeeper who was burgled so many times, he wired the place of entry to electric mains. He was fined and had to pay the subsequent personal injury claim. Life goes on.

Tennessee is a state known for its tenacity in the legal sector, rivalling New York in the number of top 100 firms housed there. Legal clout relating to personal injury is no exception